Founded in 1976
45 +
45+ Years’
70 countries

  Formerly known as Hangzhou Reducer Factory,  Fixedstar Group was founded in 1976.
  We are not only a manufacturer, but also invest on researching and new technology.
Our core business focuses on power transmission products.
  With total assets of 2 billion Yuan invested in land covering 200,000 square meters, our 1000 workers and staffs now contribute to the world market more than 3,500 various kinds of gearboxes per day. With the continuous efforts in researching and developing gearboxes and speed reducers for more than 45 years, Fixedstar proudly acclaims to be the largest manufacturer in Asia in regards of small and medium sized speed reducers.
  Our main products range from high precision gearboxes, worm gear reducer, planetary reducer, power distribution gear box, industrial gear box to elevator gear drive machine, slewing drives and more.

  1976  First Establishment of Hangzhou Reducer Factory
  1984  Expanded to new location and started export to South East Asian market.
  1997  Became a private enterprise with 100% ownership of Gao Family.
  2001  Moved to current location in Hangzhou. Name changes to HANGZHOU SINO-DEUTSCH POWER TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD
  2002  Establishment of Fixedstar Group
  2007  “Fixedstar” Trademark was honored “China Top Brand”
  2013  Establishment of “Zhejiang Fixedstar Drive Tech Co.,Ltd”, Fixedstar invested 1 billion RMB in Changxing for land and manufacturing facilities.